Lebel TRIE Emulsion Wax 10

-Suitable for any hair type, both men and women 

-Creamy and easier to use

-Long lasting

-Helps create a matte effect

-Surprisingly light finish with its set power, keeping the hair style for a long time without folling flat by the weight of the hair

-Even if time passes, the shape of style can be kept, and also you can wash off the emulsion smoothly



- 適用於任何髮質類型,男女均可使用

- 乳霜狀更易使用

- 持久支撐力強

- 有助於打造啞光效果

- 重塑能力高,質地輕盈

- 獨創抑制液狀油份吸收系統(non-soak配方),讓頭髮長時間維持清爽不變形


Made in Japan


**Pre-order Items: within 2-3 weeks. 此為訂購貨品, 約2-3星期到貨

Lebel TRIE Emulsion Wax 10 (120ml)

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